2016 Has Been a Horrible Year for the Left

2016 might be the worst year for the political left in recent memory. Let us now examine the highlights: 


These scenes in Germany are not nearly as common as they were in 2015

These scenes in Germany are not nearly as common as they were in 2015


Perhaps the biggest news story to greet us in the New Year was that of the mass-scale sex attacks that occurred in Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve. By July of this year, over six hundred women (600!) have come out stating that they had been sexually assaulted in Cologne on that one night alone.

Perhaps most shamefully, out of fear of perpetuating cultural stereotypes, the authorities in Cologne declined to admit that the vast majority, if not all, of the perpetrators were recently-arrived asylum seekers from the Muslim world. The Cologne prosecutor had to publicly come out and admit that the perpetrators were indeed recently-arrived asylum-seekers, mostly from North Africa..

The Cologne chief of police was suspended, and the mayor ridiculed after she victim-blamed the victims, stating that women should keep an “arm’s length” from groups of men. Incidentally, one wonders if she meant “all men,” or men from one particular culture.

Perhaps one of the more shocking cases of sex crimes was in October when a 19-year-old German girl was raped and drowned on her way home from a party by an Afghan asylum seeker.

This year has also seen numerous terrorist attacks by asylum seekers and refugees. In Germany, a Syrian asylum-seeker conducted the first suicide bombing that the nation had ever experienced on its own soil. In another attack, an “Afghan asylum-seeker” (who was probably Pakistani and not a legitimate asylum-seeker at all), decided to start hacking at people on a German train.

In Brussels, the airport and metro were blown up by Muslim immigrants to Europe, some of whom had re-entered Europe among migrants.

In June, Omar Mateen, the son of an Afghan immigrant to the United States, shot dead 49 people in a LGBT Orlando nightclub.

In September, Ahmad Khan Rahami, the son of an Afghan asylum-seeker, set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey, injuring dozens.

In December, a Somali asylum-seeker drove a car into a large group of people before starting to knife them on the Ohio State University campus.

And, most recently, just days before Christmas, a Tunisian asylum-seeker drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12.


In light of the numerous crimes committed by migrants this past year, it seems odd that the left has been determined to censor viewpoints critical of Angela Merkel’s immigration policies.

In September, Angela Merkel was caught speaking to Mark Zuckerberg off-the-record about the need to curtail Facebook posts that criticized her migration policies. Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative when asked whether Facebook was “working on this.”

Angie: "Pssst... how can I make people less aware of the scale of my blunder?" Zuck: "Say no more fam!" 

Angie: "Pssst... how can I make people less aware of the scale of my blunder?"
Zuck: "Say no more fam!" 


In April, Merkel allowed the prosecution of Jan Boehmermann, a young German comedian, who made a certain crass joke about President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, and a goat. Apparently, Merkel felt it was more important to appease a foreign dictator than to allow for the freedom of expression in her own country.

And speaking of Facebook, the technology group has been accused this year of censoring conservative news stories in favor of left-wing ones.

The left has, in 2016, tried to silence Trump supporters as well. In a widely-shared video on social media, a student wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat is harassed by fellow students who claim that it amounts to “hate language.”

In another, a different man wearing the same hat is physically intimidated by a group of Black Lives Matter protestors in New York City.





During the months leading up to the June 23rd referendum on Britain’s membership within the European Union, the left-leaning mainstream media pelted us with claims that Brexit was racist, xenophobic, economically calamitous, and a sure catalyst for new wars amongst European nations.

Of course, as it happened, the UK economy has done quite well since Brexit, and no wars between European nations have occurred.

Critics will insist that as Brexit has still not formally transpired (which requires Britain to invoke Article 50 of the European Union Treaty), we still do not know what might happen. Sure. But so far, so good.

Trump’s Election



This was the big one of 2016. Hardly anyone, be it on the left or the right, had foreseen the elevation of the world’s loudest mouth to the President of the United States of America.

Writing in the Guardian, author Thomas Frank made an eloquent case in favor of the idea that liberals had put Trump in the White House.

Following Trump’s election, New York Times Company chairman Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. had to issue a mea culpa on behalf of the left-leaning paper’s reporting of the Trump phenomenon. In the letter, he admitted that the New York Times had to now rededicate itself to reporting on America and the world, “honestly.”

Moreover, it is interesting to note just how many voters who had backed Obama in 2012 switched to Trump in 2016. This rendered claims of all Trump supporters being “racists,” and, “deplorables,” to be fundamentally untrue.

The hyperbole clouding any discussion of Trump in the lead-up to this election has truly been, “deplorable.” On the evening of the election, left-wing Al Jazeera journalist and terrorist apologist-in-chief Mehdi Hasan posted the following startling tweet:

No, you are wrong, Mehdi

No, you are wrong, Mehdi

At once, he equated Trump’s so-called “extremism” with the extremism of certain Muslim countries in which democracy doesn’t exist, pluralism doesn’t exist, free speech doesn’t exist, secularism doesn’t exist, minority rights don’t exist, and people are routinely punished with beheadings, stonings, public hangings, and cross-amputations.

If Mr. Hasan truly believes that Trump’s victory will lead to the same degree of oppression as we witness in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Islamic State, all perspective and reason has truly been lost.




Although the disastrous and corrosive Western policies regarding Syria aren’t limited to the political left, they certainly were heavily pushed by the Obama administration and by Hillary Clinton, his Democratic successor-to-be (or so they believed).

By standing in stark opposition to Assad and Putin, the West boxed itself into a corner by constantly searching for an illusory, “third way,” that entailed a peaceful resolution to the conflict that did not involve either ISIS or Assad.

This naivety was evident to many of us, who saw the Western-backed “moderate rebels” for what they really were: murderous head-chopping Jihadists.

Hence, throughout this entire fiasco, the West was keen to arm and finance various groups of Islamist thugs, many with ties to Al Qaeda, rather than assist in letting the secular dictator Assad regain control of Syria.

It can be argued that if Assad, Putin, and Obama had fought on the same side from the get-go, the Syrian conflict would have come to an end months prior, thereby saving thousands of innocent lives.

The hand-wringers on the left were truly an unbearable embarrassment throughout the entire Syrian civil war, accusing Assad of war crimes on a daily basis without providing any viable alternative to his rule. The left simply could not grasp the fact that peace under a dictatorship was much preferable to life under theocracy.

It seems that the left didn’t learn any recent lessons about deposing Middle Eastern dictators, be it Hussein, Gaddafi, or Mubarak. It seems that the left didn’t learn any lessons about arming Islamist rebels, either (the mujahedeen in Afghanistan for example, who later turned on the West in the form of the Taliban and Al Qaeda).


Here's to 2017, folks!