I created Pendulum in 2016 in order to create a blog that is truly non-ideological, and more importantly, anti-ideological. It acknowledges the worth of ideas derived from several different political traditions. Hence the Pendulum swings back and forth between right, left, and everything else, as we examine each issue on its own, rationally and dispassionately.

The vast majority of political newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, radio shows, and television channels are still either explicitly or implicitly aligned with certain specific political traditions, be it, “conservatism,” “liberalism,” “leftism,” or anything else. Yet we live in an era in which these political philosophies are rapidly losing both their meanings and their traditional constituencies.

Having said this, there are certain principles which Pendulum will always defend. These include democracy, secularism, the freedom of expression, and mutual tolerance. This last value is paramount. The only ideas that will not be tolerated on this site are intolerant ideas that compromise any of these other aforementioned principles.

As I wholeheartedly believe in open discussion, I encourage everyone to participate in the comments below blog posts, or to get in touch via the contact page.